Merchant FAQ

There is probably a lot to take in when using the app for the first time. 

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Question to make your life easy.

Frequently asked questions

How do I open an account on XenPay?

Hey, thanks for considering XenPay and we are happy to help local Aussie businesses in these difficult times. To open an account, simply download the app, sign up and verify your ID. Ta-da, your account will be ready to use under 20 minutes. Don't worry you can always talk to a real person for xenial customer service if you need to or want to 07 3309 2106

I have not received the welcome email from XenPay?

Dont worry, check your spam or promotional folder to see if there is a welcome email. If you still haven't received get in touch with us at or call us on 07 3309 2106 to get the matter resolved in minutes.

Welcome email says my KYC process failed, but I did everything right?

Ah, sorry to hear that. It can happen for certain reasons. We have a solution, get to the settings page and through our Xenial support feature, upload your ID document while selecting KYC. Your account will be ready in 20 minutes.

How to get money in the app?

Sorry folks! Businesses can not put the money in the app. You can withdraw the money though.

How can I get paid over the phone?

You can get paid by your number, it is that simple. Customer will have to enter your registered business number and pay the amount. You will get the notification once you are paid.

What are the charges to setup XenPay for my business?

Dont worry, it is completely free to setup the QR code and register phone number to get paid.

Is my data safe?

XenPay is serious about data security. See our Xenial Guide for more information:

Why my business is not able to receive payments?

Ouch, please check your mailbox to see if you have received any email regarding failure of the process. If yes, please get in touch because we have found an issue with your documents.

How fast can I get money back in my bank account?

Depends on our process and on how fast our bank talks to your bank. To keep this fee free for you this is the slow bit. Allow 5-7 days but you keep 100% of your money, no nasty fees. If you get stuck with a cash flow crunch give us a call on 07 3309 2106 or email on and we may be able to speed it up for you. But don't worry when we launch B2B payments soon you will immediately have the funds available to pay your suppliers!

Will I be charged on withdrawals of the funds?

Nope, you will not be charged to withdraw the funds from XenPay.

How much and when will my business be charged?

Never!! Nil. None. Nought. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Zero fees for your business to receive payments by QR code or mobile number. Yes, that correct, we wont charge you a single penny for any sort of transaction. That means your customer paid you $100, you will receive $100 in your bank. Isn't it amazing.