Ways to use XenPay

  • Shop in-person at a store that accepts XenPay and scan the QR to pay and enter the amount to pay

  • Be paid by a friend or pay a friend on XenPay by their mobile number

  • Share your QR code via a messaging app so that you can be paid

  • Many more ways to be welcome everywhere

The App

XenPay is fast, safe and fun.

Be welcome with XenPay at shops or pay a friend. Scan a Xen QR code with the XenPay app and then enter how much you would like to pay. It’s very secure because the XenPay app only works with XenPay encrypted QR codes. You can also pay to the mobile number of another XenPay member.   

Soon you will be welcome at many businesses accepting XenPay and in time, with your help, be welcome everywhere.  Joining XenPay is easy and the app will guide you through setting up your membership.

How XenPay welcomes you

1. Download the app

Use these links to download the iOS and Android apps

2. Join via the app

It usually takes about 7 minutes to set up your account details and go through the identity verification process with a selfie and photo ID. It's reliable and secure built on Microsoft Azure cloud. Australian ID provides the fastest process. Setting up a merchant account takes a little longer than a regular consumer account. We will confirm via email as soon as your account is activated. If you have any difficulty or questions please contact us to welcome you on 07 3309 2109 or email on xen@xenpay.com.au


The home screen will look like this

You can use the energise button to top-up your wallet

The middle button starts the camera to scan a QR code

The dashboard button provides your transaction history

The menu button is for other features


3. Energise your wallet with funds


Your XenPay digital wallet can be topped up in the app. It's powered by Australia Post's

POLi payments


It's fast, easy and secure


4. Pay by QR code or mobile number


Scan a QR Code


Select 'Pay By Number' from the menu to pay another XenPay member or business using their mobile number registered with XenPay


5. Be paid by sharing your QR code or mobile number


Access 'QR code' from the menu to present your QR code on your screen or you can download to share via social channels, email or chat, or print it to display.


The edit button lets you specify the amount before you present it otherwise the XenPay member paying enters the amount

6. Withdraw funds


Select 'Settings' on the menu to find the withdraw funds. This process depends on our processes and our bank talking to your bank but it fee free!


All other XenPay transactions are very fast

So if if you need to pay someone fast with zero fees for you and them recommend XenPay and it will be fast